Year 4, Day 64

If anyone’s curious, I am officially “Damn, this PJ Masks song SLAPS!” deep into parenting. I suppose you just learn to accept the reality you’re given, and right now that reality is “PJ Masks music from the time we leave the house to the time we get to daycare.” If I’m lucky, Miles will accept whatever song is playing on the Spotify list; if I’m not, he’ll ask repeatedly for a specific song that I will then have to frantically search for before he becomes enraged by my status as a PJ Masks novice.

But…SIGH…I’ll admit it. Sometimes I ask Miles to just settle for a song not because I’m tired of fighting him, but because it’s my favorite (if anyone’s curious, the best PJ Masks song is “I’m Luna Girl,” while the absolute DUMBEST is “PJ Masks are Feeling Great”).

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