Year 4, Day 89

There are times, when I’m hosting trivia on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, that my Spotify playlist is suddenly hijacked, causing whatever song I’m playing (Weezer’s “Island in the Sun,” for instance) to stop mid-tune and yield to a totally different song. It’s one of the challenges of having a single Spotify profile shared among several family members.

While this has been a struggle since long before Miles was born (Jaclyn would notoriously begin playing Imogen Heap or Regina Spector in the middle of my shows), last week it clearly happened at Miles’s direction. I was about halfway through the show, listening to the aforementioned Weezer track, when the theme from PJ Masks abruptly started playing.

I knew Jaclyn immediately realized her mistake, because the song paused within seconds, but this time I went with the flow and unpaused it, turning the faux pas into a joke. “Uh oh folks! That sound can only mean one thing…my three-year-old son has hijacked the Spotify account! That means the rest of the night will only feature questions about PJ Masks!”

I let the whole song play through (and did not subject the players to multiple questions about PJ Masks), and even, sadly, got a request for more of Miles’s music at this week’s show. I may have to come up with a PJ Masks bonus round after all.

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