Year 4, Day 88

Heading back to the grindstone this morning as I started the last week of the school year meant that I had to leave the house earlier than usual, before Miles could even get up. Naturally, I miss the kid on days like this, but it always makes my heart soar to know he misses me too.

We met Jaclyn’s uncle out for dinner tonight with Miles’s own aunt and uncle, and when I arrived straight from work, Jaclyn and Miles were in the bathroom. A couple minutes after I sat down, they stepped out of the restaurant, Miles shouted, “DADDY!”, darted over to me, and wrapped his arms around me. It was the best moment of my day.

…okay, SECOND best moment. The BEST moment was probably when Miles was identifying the people at the table (“Aunt Andrea!” “Uncle Scott!”) but paused when he got to Jaclyn’s uncle Randy and just said, “Uh…That Guy.”

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