Year 4, Day 78

Part of my job at a learning center involved performing learning ability assessments for both prospective and current students. The battery can feel a bit intimidating, especially brand new clients whose previous experience with “testing” has been unsavory at best and a showcase of everything they’re challenged with at worst. As a means to help these kids realize early in the process that this evaluation will be less imposing, I try to casually break the ice with a few questions and conversations before getting started. One of the questions I always ask is, “What do you like best about school?” I try to encourage general information, but if all the kid says is “lunch,” I’ll go with it.

On our drive in this morning, I decided to ask Miles this same generalized question, “Hey Miles. What do you like best about school?”

“Huh.” It’s the response he gives when he’s not quite sure how to answer the question.

“Of all the things at school,” I started, trying to clarify, “food, arts and crafts, playing with friends…what’s you favorite thing about school?”

“Hmmm…” He pondered for a moment before decisively saying, “Worms.”

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