Year 4, Day 38

With COVID still limiting social events, and finding ourselves without a spacious backyard in the new home, we…I mean…the Easter Bunny decided to hide eggs in the house this year. I figured we’d wake up Easter morning, have a nice family breakfast, then reveal the presence of hidden eggs to Miles.

Well, by the time Jaclyn and I woke up at 7:30, Miles had already found the three eggs hidden in his own bedroom. Once his door was open, he was fiercely determined to let the hunt fully commence.

Miles immediately begins explaining his strategy to Jaclyn (as well as her role in his plans)
Sharing his plan to use binoculars to find eggs

It didn’t take Miles long at all to find every last one of the numerous eggs I had stashed around the house. Clearly his hunting skills have grown tenfold since last year.

So intense was Miles’s egg search that it took him several minutes (and a strong hint from Jaclyn) to even notice the Easter basket waiting for him on the table.

The conclusion of the early morning hunt wasn’t the end of the day’s egg-based festivities though. A bit later in the day (mercifully after breakfast), we colored and decorated some eggs.

PJ Masks eggs, just as Jesus would’ve wanted

Not a bad Easter, all in all, although I’m hopeful that next year might yield a more traditional (post-breakfast) egg hunt!

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