Year 4, Day 39

Bedtime is often a mixed bag with Miles. He’s got particular requests/demands that he makes regularly, such as picking out two books, then hearing two stories, then having his back rubbed, etc. I can be eager to get it over with at times, primarily because, at that point in my day, I really need to get some alone time. But I also love the kid so much that time in those moments becomes irrelevant.

When I put Miles to bed last night, I followed the usual routine — reading books, telling him a couple stories. As I was about to leave, he shuffled over and asked me to lay down with him for a few minutes.

Every time something like this occurs, my immediate thought is, “Enjoy these times, because they’ll be over before you know it.” So of course I complied and snuggled up next to him.

The next time I opened my eyes, Jaclyn was standing quietly in the doorway and it was two hours later. “Miles is comfortable, huh?” she said.

Honestly, it was all comfortable. Except maybe the bed. Not a fan of hard mattresses anymore.

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