Year 3, Day 303

Around 8:45 today, Miles bounded into our home office, interrupting my morning meeting. “Daddy!” he called. “Santa’s in Australia!”

Indeed, Miles was eager to sharpen his burgeoning cartography skills today as he tracked the fat man on his journey around the world. With his own globe, a copy of My Very Important World, and the Santa Christmas Stargate in hand, he sat down to keep tabs on Santa to an extent that NORAD would likely deem “excessive.”

SantaWatch HQ

I know what you’re thinking — isn’t all that geography a little TOO exciting for a small child? And you’re right, Miles did need to take breaks.

Already capturing that “middle-aged man” aesthetic.

Later, Miles’s aunt and uncle wanted to FaceTime for some gift opening. Miles took no coaxing whatsoever.

He did, however, ask for help several times.

After dinner, we had a few more cookies to decorate for Santa.

Miles…went overboard.

The mix of Santa’s impending visit and far too much sugar made an evening of frenzied hyperactivity a certainty. Fortunately, we were still able to get one decent family photo (out of about forty attempts) before Miles fell asleep watching a movie with us.

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