Year 3, Day 259

Almost every morning, Miles insists on bringing something with him to daycare. Maybe it’s a toy, or a hat, or a book. Most of the time I’ll indulge him to the degree we bring it along in the car with us, then tell him that we should leave it in the car to keep it safe once we get to daycare. Begrudgingly, Miles generally relents and gives me explicit instructions to keep whatever the item is safe.

This morning though, he wanted to bring with him a postcard he had received from his babysitter Lisa, filled with pictures of himself with Baby Charlotte. He said he wanted to show it to his friends and tell them about the pictures. Who was I to argue with that?

“Now Miles,” I said as he stepped through the door at daycare, “remember to keep that card safe!”

He said he would keep it in his cubby as he showed it to his teacher.

“Oh!” she said, looking at the postcard. “Did you bring that to show to us?”

“Yeah!” Miles said. “And I got a boo-boo in the flower garden!” (Referring to yesterday’s tumbles at the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge.)

If he’s got a story to tell, best believe Miles is going to do everything he can to share it.

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