Year 3, Day 258

We packed up and headed back to Charlotte today after our brief (TOO brief, frankly) weekend at Lake Lure, but we took our time getting on the road to get in one last hit of that mountain living.

Miles approves!

One spot we definitely wanted to see before we left was the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge, a garden teeming with botanical aesthetics.

And plenty of fountains to ensure Miles got soaking wet.

Miles loved exploring the nooks and crannies of the garden, always taking advantage of any tucked away spot he could find in an attempt to “surprise Mommy.”


Even though he fell (repeatedly) as he stumbled through the garden, he quickly got back up, dusted himself off, and continued venturing along.

Upon finding this tiny picnic area, Miles said, “WHOA. THIS is the PLACE!”

We made one more stop on the way out of town, talking Miles on a long-promised trip to a gem store so the diminutive rock enthusiast could acquire some special stones.

And all of this excitement ultimately had its intended effect, as Miles quickly fell asleep once we were underway and didn’t wake up until we pulled up to the house in Charlotte!

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