Year 3, Day 249

With the looming risk of COVID infection being far scarier than the ghouls and beasts typical of the season, we opted not to take Miles trick-or-treating for Halloween this year. Instead, we threw a fairly exclusive party for Miles and some of his closest friends. Even though the party had a limited guest list, Miles did not stop talking about it all week.

When asked recently about what he wanted to be for Halloween this year, Miles’s response was quick and decisive. “A scary ghost!” yelled the boy who is currently in the “throw a blanket over my head and stumble around the house” stage of development.

As I noted on Instagram, this is the costume my child ASKED for.

We put the finishing touches on the costume just minutes before Miles’s guests started arriving. Soon after, I left to pick up pizzas. By the time I got back, Miles had changed into his Superman costume, which regular readers might recall was last year’s Halloween costume. That’s fine, because when I arrived to find that my buddy Jeff had his lightsaber at his waist, I too revised my wardrobe.

The Superman belt on my head was Miles’s idea though.

Miles requested that the party include a treasure hunt of some sort, and so I made several maps, each leading to a different prize box “hidden” (using that word very loosely) around our yard.

Miles found his prize in the “Dark Woods.”

If Miles had his druthers, the treasure hunts would have continued indefinitely. With one unclaimed box at the end of the party, Miles tried to talk his friend Duke into going on one last adventure with him.

“Look, we’ll split the candy 70/30, all right?”

You’ll never believe it, but even by the end of the day, long after the party had ended, Miles was still in full Halloween mode. He still insists it’s only his second-favorite holiday, but I’m not so sure about that.

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