Year 3, Day 91

Since the quarantine started, day to day life in the house hasn’t been easy. Not only has it been next to impossible for us to work full-time and take care of Miles simultaneously, but Miles is continuing to grow and develop, and we’ve been persistently worried about his engagement during the day. As frustrating as it can be for my noise-cancelling headphones to be rendered virtually useless with the ambient noise in the house, my bigger concern has been Miles living through this huge developmental period indoors, isolated from peers, and educated for stretches of time by cartoon characters.

With North Carolina entering Phase II of reopening, more and more businesses are once again providing services. And today, we made the tough decision to start sending Miles back to daycare.

There were pros and cons to both sides of the decision. Is there a risk in sending Miles to a place where socialization and physical contact with others is not only inevitable, but pretty much the entire point? Most definitely. And yet, do all of the concerns I outlined in the first paragraph have merit? Also yes.

Miles’s daycare has, of course, implemented a host of safety procedures, such as temperature checks, heightened sanitation measures, and not allowing parents inside. And while nothing can be 100% guaranteed, knowing that the staff and child population is also currently running at a reduced capacity helped make the choice a little easier.

Perhaps, however, the most informative piece of data we collected was Miles’s own assessment: “I miss friends.”

If there’s one thing I know for sure about where the pandemic is going to lead us as a society, it’s that I have no idea where the pandemic is going to lead us. What I do know is that Miles came home from daycare today in the best mood I’ve seen him in in a long time. And that’ll do for now.

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