Year 2, Day 313

I don’t think it’s a stretch to call this the hardest day of parenting either of us has experienced so far.

With Miles growing increasingly comfortable with sitting on the potty, we moved to phase two today — putting him back in pants. Not only did we start today off like this, but Jaclyn informed me very early in the morning that she would be gone for several hours.

Maybe it was the sensation of once again having his nethers covered, but Miles didn’t use his potty for its intended purpose all morning. While he is getting good at verbally alerting us when he needs to pee or poop (although it’s all just “Poo-poo” right now), today these warnings didn’t come until he had already started making a mess of his britches, generally about 5-10 minutes after mandatory potty attempts.

By noon, Miles had gone through five pairs of pants and I was growing increasingly worried about actually running out of clean ones. I thought this potty imbalance could simply be the result of my presence versus Jaclyn’s, who has really done a bulk of the work over the last couple days.

Once she returned home, however, it was clear that Miles simply wasn’t in a cooperative mood. Cranky, moody, and progressively more and more unwilling to entertain even sitting on his potty, it became obvious that Miles, after three days in the house, was suffering from acute cabin fever.

Oh, and it was raining outside all day.

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