Year 2, Day 314

Finally able to get outside a little bit this morning, Miles was in better spirits today. With a happy, more agreeable child on our hands, we got back to potty training. But today we also enlisted the help of one of Miles’s role models.

I’m not sure why there aren’t more episodes of adult television like this, but there is an episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood that is entirely about the titular hero learning to use a toilet. Miles has seen this installment before, but today he watched with far greater interest and contextual understanding.

As Daniel sang, “If you have to go potty stop and go right away,” Miles pointed at him happily.

“Daniel!” he exclaimed.

And as Daniel hopped on the potty to do his business, Miles saw a piece of himself reflected in the cartoon tiger. He pointed at his chest and said, “Mielsh!” (that’s roughly how he pronounces his own name).

In true child fashion, just because mommy and daddy do something doesn’t mean Miles will want to take part in it. But when DANIEL TIGER does it, SUDDENLY it’s COOL…

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