Year 2, Day 312

Two days in, and I think we’re ready to maybe hold off on the night-time potty training for now.

We’ve been diligent (me in the early hours and Jaclyn in the middle of the night) about checking in on Miles periodically, entering his room, lifting him out of bed and setting him, under the groggiest of protest, on his potty to see if he’ll produce any pee amidst a somnambulistic stupor. Thus far, the response has been a resounding, “No.”

Not only has he not peed in the potty at night, he’s also tended to wet the bed about 15 minutes after our attempts, as though his subconsciousness is working in tandem with his resting body to develop the most antagonistic response to us that it can.

And so, for now we’ll be content to keep pushing Miles’s potty work in the daytime and putting him in pull-ups each night. Miles does love his less-absorbent big boy underwear, but at least the pull-ups have Mickey Mouse on them.

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