Year 2, Day 234

While I can’t claim to understand his reasoning in every case, there are certain items around the house that Miles just refuses to interact with. Sure, sometimes the reason might be pretty obvious, but in many cases he just cowers in fear when faced with common household objects.

One (okay, technically two) thing Miles has always expressed discomfort with are my workout gloves. He likes picking them up and handing them to me, but the second I actually put them on my hands, he runs to the other room, clearly disturbed. And forget about trying to put them on HIS hands.

That all changed today, as he picked a glove up and put it on his hand, then tried his damnedest to pull on the other one (he ultimately asked for help). Once the gloves were on, he was all smiles, clapping and walking around the house as he tried to pick things up with his almost completely restricted fingers. He took them on and off, marveling each time as his hands completely vanished within the gloves. He even put them on the correct hands over and over!

It’s a weird fear to overcome, but at least he got there.

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