Year 2, Day 229

Miles reads a lot of books about animals and knows most of the major animal sounds at this point, so today we thought we’d take his animal experience to a new level. We’ve taken him to an wildlife preserve before and his love of dogs is well-documented, but today we wanted to bring him a little closer to the creatures he loves reading about.

We drove out to Two by Two Petting Zoo in Monroe to give Miles a more close-up experience with horses, llamas, pigs, and the natural bacteria living on them. As with most things, he approached this experience with some reticence.


It didn’t take long for him to warm up though. Once he realized that these were some of the very animals he had read so much about, he was more willing to approach (and, yes, attempt to talk to) them.


What he was a bit less keen on was actually petting the animals. Once we arrived at the walk-in pens, he was thrilled to go inside, but once crossing that threshold, he was more interested in observing from a distance and, occasionally, dancing.


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