Year 2, Day 228

The end of last week brought with it a day that suckers like me spend all year waiting for: the day new Star Wars products go on sale. Triple Force Friday (so dubbed because consumers — again, like me — will be spending three times what they usually do on groceries to obtain hunks of plastic shaped like stormtroopers) dropped all sorts of new merch celebrating promoting upcoming projects like The Mandalorian and The Rise of Skywalker.

What made this particular Force Friday a special event for me was that it was the first one that’s come around since Miles was born. We headed over to Target after work and daycare, and Miles made short work of finding what he wanted — a BB-8 Funko Pop.

Now, Miles is no stranger to Star Wars. He’s had a number of branded products, from plush toys, to blankets, to shirts, since before he was even born. Heck, his first birthday was porg themed. But he’s always been most drawn to BB-8 and R2-D2.


This love has only grown in recent weeks as Miles has learned to say their names. “Beebee!” he’ll exclaim, pointing at his new Funko toy from his bed. His pronunciation of “Artoo” is even better, as it almost sounds like he’s saying it with a French accent. “Ah-TU.”

His adoration of these two droids has manifested throughout his daily life now. Tonight, Miles only agreed to brush his teeth under the condition that BB-8 also brushed his. Have you tried explaining to a toddler that droids don’t have teeth? Me neither, because there is NO WAY I’m correcting him as long as this is working.

For obvious reasons, I’m thrilled that Miles has taken such a liking to these two. I only hope that he feels the same way about the movies as a whole.

That, too, is off to a good start.

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