Year 2, Day 162

As we left daycare tonight, Miles was clearly eager to rifle through his lunchbag. Normally, he fishes around in it looking for a cup that still has some milk in it, but tonight he reached in and pulled out his daily report. Holding the edges of the folded piece of paper like a book, he opened it. Then he held it out to me.

“Eh. Eh!” he said.

I took the paper, which Miles continued pointing at. “What?” I asked. “You want me to read it?”

Miles nodded.

And I so I read every word on the report out loud for him to hear. I then folded the paper and tried to put it back in the lunchbag.

Miles protested.

“Don’t you want to go home?” I asked.

Miles shook his head. He pointed at the report again.

I looked at the paper in my hand, then back at him. “You want me to read it again?”

Miles grinned and laughed.

And so I read it again.

Only after a third read-through did Miles finally agree that it was time to go home.

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