Year 2, Day 141

Given what we hear from daycare and what we observe in the home, I’ve had the impression that Miles puts a little more effort into walking during the daytime (when he isn’t around us). With this in mind, I attempted to do a little incognito recon today at pick-up. With the door to the toddler room closed, I peered in through the window to see exactly what he looked like in his natural daytime environment.

He had a couple toys, one in each hand, and was making his way on foot around a small table, finally flopping down in a chair near the wall. He looked around the room a bit, his gaze occasionally returning to the toys he was holding. A few moments passed, and his eyes finally spotted me in the window. He started grinning and held up his hands as if to say, “Dad! Look! Toys!”

He then attempted to throw the toy in his left hand to me. The toy flew straight into the side of a little girl’s head.

Miles was oblivious to the entire incident, having only intended to pass the toy along to me, despite the fact that I was standing behind a door in another room entirely. The girl smiled and Miles blew her a kiss on the way out the door (as is his custom), so all seemed to have been forgiven.

Also, he’s got a mean throwing arm. So that’s good.

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