Year 2, Day 137 – Operation: Babywalk Update 5!

I barely stepped in the door of Miles’s daycare today when I was told to stay near the entrance while the staff started offering encouraging words to Miles, who was in an adjacent room. Moments later, Miles walked out of the toddler room and, in time, managed to step all the way over to me, a journey of about nine or ten feet! He did this largely unassisted, save for the couple of times he tumbled to the floor and had to pick himself back up.

But before we get too excited about it, Miles’s slow introduction into the toddler room has not been without its problems. While he is walking more independently every day, his preferred method of travel is still crawling. When he entered the toddler room today, he wanted to case the place as quickly as possible, and so he dropped to his knees and started crawling. I had hoped that bringing him into the toddler class and being around other walkers would encourage him to follow their lead; the reality, however, is that it had the opposite effect. Upon seeing Miles crawling, the other students in the room reverted to their more base instincts and started following HIS lead.

*SIGH*…at least he’s an influencer.

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