Year 2, Day 138

During a brief excursion to the mall today, Miles wanted to visit the LEGO Store (yes…MILES wanted to do it…that’s right…), where he was absolutely captivated by the DUPLO (or “Diplo,” as Jaclyn possibly honestly believes they’re called) play area.

He did not build this. He did make short work of tearing it down, though.

Jaclyn remarked that she knows I can’t wait until he’s old enough for us to build LEGO sets together, and that’s true on a couple levels. Of course it’s fun to build LEGOs, but it’ll also be a lot easier for me to mentally justify buying them. For instance, I couldn’t bring myself to spend $250 on a Jurassic Park set today, but if it was for both of us? Well that’s like…$125 apiece. WAY more reasonable!

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