Year 2, Day 127

Miles returned to daycare today, and it honestly feels strange going through my day without him now. Our trip to Boston marked the longest sustained time I’ve spent with Miles since the two weeks after he was born, and it’s crazy to me to reflect on just how much he seemed to grow in that time.

I’ve talked about his newfound willingness to climb on things and use his feet, but his ability to communicate is also getting better and better. Even the way he interacts with his environment seems to be based on increased awareness and a constantly developing knowledge base.

Did he have any more developmental milestones in the last week than usual? Probably not, but getting to be front and center for every little thing was a real eye opening experience. I think the last week spoiled me and Miles. I know he got used to being with mommy and daddy all day, but it was so rewarding for me. Getting to wake up and spend each day with your child is definitely exhausting, but what you get to witness more than makes up for it.

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