Year 2, Day 126

We were fortunate to have a smooth, uneventful trip to Boston last week, but this morning’s return flight was always bound to be more arduous. First, we were leaving the morning after the wedding. Second, we were staying in Cape Cod and were going to need to drive at least two hours to get to the airport. Third, the airline moved our flight up an hour, which meant we had to move our entire timetable up accordingly. What it all amounted to was us getting up at 6 AM to begin our trek back to Charlotte.

Miles, you’ll be shocked to hear, was not enthused. Although he mercifully slept through most of the drive, the times he woke up were accompanied by piercing shrieks. He was generally fine in the airport, but definitely wasn’t keen on being confined to a seat during the flight. Luckily, we found ways to keep him occupied.

Whatever you want to play with, kid…

Also luckily, when we finally arrived home, all of us — Miles included — were ready for a long family nap.


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