Year 2, Day 121

Today was one of the more eventful days of Miles’s life thus far, as we spent today meandering around Boston. The day started off with Miles’s first experience on public transit.

At least HE got a seat.

With a visit to Fenway Park to watch a Battle of the Soxes, today was destined to be a highlight of our Massachusetts trip for me, but I’m happy to report that it might have been Miles’s favorite part of the trip too.

This child is far livelier than any single baseball game I’ve ever been to.

Miles even instinctively knew that the fourth, fifth, and sixth innings were going to be the best time for a nap.

After the game, we headed across town to enjoy a drink at the real-life version of the world’s most famous bar.

Filmed before a live studio audience!

As its timeless theme song would suggest, the atmosphere in Cheers is warm and relaxing. Miles certainly found it comfortable, because he released one of the most aggressive dumps he’s ever had while sitting within the bar’s storied walls. The mess was of such a magnitude that we had to throw out his entire outfit.

We ended the day with a dinner in Chinatown, where Miles encountered steam for the first time.

…which he persistently tried to grab.


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