Year 2, Day 120

Our first full day in Massachusetts involved a short drive to a place chock-full, historically speaking, of bad juju, which always goes well when you introduce kids into the mix! Miles was a little fussy during our trip to Salem, but not in an “I’m hungry” sort of way. It was more like an “I can sense an evil presence here” sort of way.

Jaclyn is distracted by the horrors of the Salem Witch House. But what does Miles see behind her?

After spending the afternoon soaking in wrong-headed puritanical culture (and a persistent, yet fitting, drizzle), we took a 13 mile, two-hour drive into Boston to visit Samuel Adams Brewing. We toured the facility, during which Miles managed to make some new friends.

And if you’re thinking Miles didn’t do the most drinking in the taproom, think again!

Chug! Chug! Chug!

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