Year 2, Day 122

A restless night for Miles led to a rough start to the day for all of us.

Comfortable sleeping position

Nevertheless, we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed back into Boston for a walking tour followed by some relatively aimless shambling about. His favorite moment of the day might have been feeling the breeze on a Boston street corner.

The little joys in life.

As we walked across town, we stopped outside the New England Aquarium so Miles could see some real-life seals. He enjoyed it…until he didn’t.

Moments from Miles bursting into tears.

Along the way, we also found a park that gave Miles a chance to get out of his stroller and stretch his legs.

And learn about…shipping?

We finished the day with stops at Hopster Brewing and Harpoon Brewing, where Miles demonstrated his abilities for both throwing crayons on the floor and crawling away from us at roughly twenty miles per hour.

“Eh, whadda ya gonna do?”


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