Year 2, Day 67

Whether due to teething, hunger, or general mischievousness, Miles has been getting up in the middle of the night with growing consistency. And while he always leads off with fussing from his bed, he brightens up the second we bring him into our bedroom.

Sleeping should be the easiest behavior in the world for us to model for him, given how willing we’ve both become to engage in this activity at a moment’s notice. However, when Miles ends up in our bed, he seems eager to do anything but sleep. He’ll crawl around, try to burrow into us, clamber over our bodies…anything and everything he can do to keep us awake and keep the party going.

Last night though, as I sat in bed watching him in the dark while Jaclyn slept, I observed Miles sitting almost completely motionless, leaning in as close as he could to Jaclyn’s face, and just…staring at her sleep. He watched like this for several moments, then actually started giggling. It was like he was trying to see if she was actually sleeping, expecting her to suddenly open her eyes, spring forward, and start tickling him or something.

Is my kid a creeper? I mean the answer is probably yes, but just how much of a creeper is he?

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