Year 2, Day 66

It’s obvious, just from reflecting on my own tendencies over the years, that children pick up a lot from their parents, from emotional responses to physical tics and behaviors. And yet, at least once a day Miles will do something that I can’t help but wonder as to the origin of, as it clearly isn’t something we’ve modeled for him and it seems like something that isn’t (or shouldn’t be) some natural, instinctive inclination.

This morning, as we were preparing to leave the house, Miles was on the floor playing with a toy. He barely acknowledged me as I watched him, so I’m not sure if he even realized I was there observing, but at one point he decided to stop using his hands to play with said toy, placing them on the ground to brace himself then lowering his torso as though beginning a push-up. Then, he opened his mouth and tried to grab the toy with his teeth and play with it that way.

Granted, teeth are still a relatively new thing for Miles, at least having enough teeth to really seize anything with them, but who even thinks of using them like this outside of bobbing for apples?

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