Year 2, Day 68: Baby’s First Free Comic Book Day!

If there’s one reason I couldn’t wait to have kids one day…it’s probably because I know eventually I’ll be able to draft them to clean up after dinner. But if there’s another reason, it’s that I’ve always been eager to share Free Comic Book Day with them.

For almost 20 years now, the first Saturday of May has brought with it this marvelous holiday, when nearly every comic publisher out there tosses some freebies to the clamoring masses. It’s honestly a fun day for readers of all ages, but there’s always seemed to be a little extra magic in the air for children. I was eager to begin including Miles in this annual tradition.

While the first hour or so of our morning was spent waiting in line, Miles was largely content, finding himself with plenty of people, dogs, and birds to watch and comment on. And then the cosplayers showed up…

I understand, kid. Cap made me cry at the end of Avengers: Endgame too.

Nevertheless, when it came time to snag some comics, Miles was perfectly happy. I picked up a few all-ages books for him to read/destroy at home, and some friends even handed him some additional comics that he seemed drawn to.

It’s worth noting that the cover of this comic features a fairly well-rendered likeness of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

He may not be able to read yet (or tolerate grown men and women in masks), but hopefully this is the start of a new, yet long-awaited, father/son tradition.

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