Year 2, Day 59

The board was set earlier this month, all the moving pieces in place, in preparation of tonight, which brings with it the premiere of the first Avengers movie since the last one. Seriously though, for dad, this was a huge night.

Given the rough nights we’ve experienced this week (and how challenging it was to even get tickets for tonight’s shows), it’s felt like a battle on par with the Marvel heroes’ last-ditch assault on Thanos getting to this point. But we finally found ourselves on the cusp of this climactic entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As such, I was filled with dismay when our babysitter had to cancel mere hours before the movie due to a nasty bug. How were we going to make the movie work now? It was the ultimate movie premiere night parenting crisis.

We started turning to back-ups (family, friends, hobos), but no one was available at short notice. Jaclyn suggested we could turn to the babysitter group she’s involved with on Facebook, but I quickly nixed that idea. I wasn’t about to leave Miles with an unfamiliar face just so we could make it to the biggest, most guaranteed spectacular and fulfilling movie of the year…


Fortunately, one of Miles’s teachers at daycare offered to fill in for us at the zero hour, getting our plans back on track and ensuring that Miles was spending the evening with someone he, in all honesty, is likely more familiar with than his own parents.

And the movie? Whoa, momma. Let’s just say that, in the last ten years, there have been two events that I’ve been more excited for than any others. One was the birth of my son. The other happens in the third act of Avengers: Endgame.

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