Year 2, Day 58

In which Miles has a tumultuous night, and mom and dad reach their wits’ end.

Another week of fitful sleep for Miles culminated in a night that was unpleasant for all involved parties. Given the trend this week, I think Jaclyn and I were both braced for sleep interrupted. But here’s the trick — if there’s no sleep at all, it can’t be interrupted.

Miles woke up around 1:30, fairly normal for this week. What we quickly realized, however, is that nothing would sufficiently sate him. Sure, he’d eventually succumb to momentary exhaustion, but this would subside quickly once Jaclyn or I had finally made our way back to bed.

Ultimately, Miles did not go to sleep until nearly 6:00. In the morning. Fortunately, I was able to call out of work this morning and “catch up” (or whatever you’d call three hours) on sleep.

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