Year 2, Day 39

Today, Miles got his first “bad day” report from daycare.

Yesterday, I mentioned that, due to his reluctance to stand and walk, Miles is now the oldest child in his room at daycare. While he’s crawling like a champ, the downside is that he’s also the biggest kid in the room now. Whether he consciously aware of this or not and whatever the intentionality of his actions, today he evidently clambered over some children, smacked them, and generally got a little too aggressive.

Of course he was all smiles when I picked him up despite the increasingly perturbed look on my face as his teacher let me know about his behavior. As we were talking, Miles leaned in, mouth wide open, said, “Ahhhhhhh,” and tried to eat my nose. Let me tell you, it took a lot to compose myself and not immediately burst into laughter, but I managed to work up the resolve and scolded him as we left.

On our way out the door, he tried to eat my nose again. I may have laughed that time.

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