Year 2, Day 23

I don’t exactly know what I expected the cognitive development of a baby to look like in observable terms, but seeing how Miles interacts with the world is always surprising. This week, he’s started playing with one of his new toys — one of those wooden boxes with shapes cut out of it and various pieces that fit into those slots. After he discovered that the lid was removable, he started taking the easy way out of putting the shapes into their respective holes, instead just dropping them into the box through its larger opening. Not long after this, he began filling the box with (and regular readers might already be expecting this) balls from his ball pit.

Just as I was looking down at him, shaking my head in bewilderment and thinking, “What the heck are you even doing, kid?” he did something that completely blew my mind.

Miles continued putting ball after ball into the box, filling it to the point that it was just above total capacity. Then he grabbed the box lid and slung it on top of the pile of balls. Honestly, I was impressed enough that he was clearly trying to fill, then seal, a box. Of course, the lid didn’t fit with the excess balls nearly overflowing . So what did Miles do? He set the lid down, removed exactly two balls from the box, then tried again, the lid sliding into place perfectly.

It’s crazy to me to consider, let alone observe, that the mind of a one-year-old can already be so acutely tuned to environmental problem solving.

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