Year 2, Day 22

When I picked Miles up from daycare today, he was lying in a crib and almost looked like he was asleep, although on closer inspection it was obvious his eyes were open. Even after I fully entered the room, which would usually elicit a big grin and outstretched arms, Miles remained motionless in the crib, almost like he was feigning slumber. I asked him why he was acting like such a goofball, picked him up, and carted him on home.

A couple hours later, I got the following picture from his babysitter along with the message, “So he crawled a bit a layed down. And when I asked him to look up and smile…this is what he did. So we’ve been playing pretend to sleep for a while now.”


I don’t know where this whole “play sleep” thing came from, but it’s sort of cracking me up.

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