Day 363

We took Miles out to get his second haircut ever today and, when faced with an hour-long wait, grabbed lunch at Urban Cookhouse beforehand. Miles is clearly feeling better today, trying as usual to get the attention of anyone and everyone around him at the restaurant. And then, someone in particular caught his eye…

Within seconds of this video (I clearly missed out on the best of the interaction), Miles was blowing kisses to the young (and yet, still older!) girl beside him. Eventually, Jaclyn took him over to say hello. Miles flashed his smile, and the girl offered him one of her oatmeal cookies. Miles seized it and, with both hands, crammed the entire thing into his mouth, chowing down in a crass, off-putting manner that will likely keep locked in bachelor status for years to come.

Oh, and that haircut? Yeah, that went great.


The price of looking fabulous…

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