Day 335

As a parent, I’ve found few things as problematic as a broken washing machine. Nevermind our own clothes — the sheer amount of baby clothing that piles up after five days is substantial enough. Currently, we’re on day 8 of our current laundry crisis.

As such, we’ve found ourselves with no choice but to go to the dreaded PUBLIC LAUNDROMAT to level the dual landmasses of dirty clothes currently forming in our home. I gave Jaclyn two options: either she could watch Miles for the day and I would go to the laundromat, or SHE could go to the laundromat while I watched Miles.

And so Miles and I went to Charlotte MiniCon.

“Wait…where are we going again? And where’s Mom?”

Miles generally likes being out among people and has previously expressed interest in comics and conventions, but today’s excursion was met with generous side-eye…


…and occasional apathy.

Even visiting with Aunt Jess failed to yield excitement.

Still, Miles managed to find plenty of colorful things to point at. And I certainly attest that he was better off here than a laundromat!

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