Day 321

I mentioned this briefly in a previous post, but our car, feared lost forever, was recovered by the Rochester Police. The good-ish news is that Miles’s stuff is still inside it. The bad news, of course, is that the car is still in Rochester.

So this weekend I’ve taken a flight back to New York to retrieve the car and then immediately drive it back to Charlotte. It’s an unfortunate journey to make in the best of circumstances, let alone a weekend when a massive winter storm is bearing down on the northeast. But a man’s got to provide for his family or whatever.

The trip hasn’t been all bad though. I’ve gotten to spend some time with Jaclyn’s aunt and uncle and take a little time to just relax. And I’ve even gotten to see Miles a little bit!


Being away from the little fella is really the hardest part of this whole sojourn, and video chat has been indispensable. Hearing Jaclyn laugh when Miles lights up at the sight of me “trapped in the phone” is the best motivator in the world to make this journey as quickly as possible, weather be damned!

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