Day 320

After experiencing just a little concern that Miles isn’t really trying to stand, crawl, or…well, use his legs for much of anything, Jaclyn took Miles to a physical therapist for an evaluation today. The results confirmed my worst fears: this cat is LAY-ZEE.

Miles is just a tad delayed in the gross motor skills department and his hips are a little weak, but his legs are plenty strong enough to hold himself up. The larger problem is that he feels in no way motivated to do so. Yes, today he’s refusing to attempt to stand up. Tomorrow, he’s a 25-year-old man who WON’T GET OFF MY COUCH.

Okay, okay…all is not lost just yet. The therapist gave us some exercises to work on at home, and Miles will see the therapist for the next month or so. Hopefully on the other side of this we’ll have a slightly less lazy kid!

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