Day 281

One might consider concluding a trip that saw such misfortune as ours as quickly as possible, but we had one more stop to make on our way home. Instead of heading straight back to Charlotte, we traveled southeast towards our nation’s capital to visit with my uncle, aunt, and cousin.

Since Miles first joined us outside the uterus, my Uncle George has called frequently, asking for updates on us and the young lad. With our trip already finding us up north, I figured a small, two-hour detour was perfectly manageable if it meant that Miles would get to meet one of his biggest fans.

Looks like they’ve been getting their clothes at the same store!

We’ve experienced a lot in the last few days, that’s for sure, but there was something really relaxing and comforting about our visit. A lot of time has passed since even I last saw these particular family members, but you wouldn’t have known it from the time we spent chatting this morning. It definitely concluded our trip on a high note, and Miles, as usual, discovered that even more people are totally in love with him.

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