Day 280: Baby’s First Wedding!

The realization that my car had been stolen barely had time to sink in before we were up and at it again on Saturday morning, headed for the wedding we had actually come to Rochester for to begin with (as hard as it is to believe, the GTA was not the main driving force behind our trip).

And so we increased the number of times Miles has been in a church (or church-related setting) by 200% in two days as we watched Jaclyn’s cousin Brian (good name!) marry his longtime girlfriend Katie. And despite perhaps even better acoustics and more stained glass than Friday’s mausoleum, Miles sat relatively quietly for the bulk of the ceremony, only really expressing distaste when the collected guests began clapping (which is weird, since clapping is actually Miles’s favorite pastime).

After the ceremony, we obtained a rental car then headed over to the Strathallan for the reception. It was supposed to be an adults-only affair, but honestly…who can resist this kid?

Miles is happy he got invited, but offended he wasn’t asked to be the Best Man.

We ended up keeping Miles awake way past his bedtime, partying with family and, most importantly, giving Jaclyn and me a chance to stop thinking about our misfortunes and just enjoy the night.

I could post all sorts of pictures from the day, but wouldn’t you know it, Google Photos took the liberty of automatically assembling a video of…highlights? Eh, it’s weird, but at least you get the point.

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