Day 263

Today, Miles’s daycare hosted a pre-Thanksgiving lunch for the kids and, most importantly, the parents. Never one to turn down a hearty meal, I eagerly left work at lunchtime to obtain food and see my son for a little bit. And Jaclyn came too, which gave us the unprecedented chance to blow Miles’s mind at midday.

Sure enough, he seemed completely confused when the two of us came walking into his room at lunchtime. One could almost see his brain struggling to process this sudden and unexpected change in his normal daycare environment. But once he realized that, yes, this was indeed mommy and daddy, Miles was happy as could be, taking turns with us (and maybe sneaking some sweet potatoes) as we ate.

As he was confused when we walked in, so too was he confused when we walked out. When it came time for us to leave, he went from happy-go-lucky kid to a weeping mess. Mercifully, one of the staff members was comforting him immediately, and he had stopped crying before I could even get through the door. Miles really rolls with the punches.

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