Day 264: Baby’s First Cold

The last couple days, Miles has been fighting his first real cold. Sure, he’s had the sniffles from time to time, but this was a full-fledged cold, complete with coughs, phlegm, and an unstoppably runny nose. It’s definitely had Miles in a sour mood, far fussier than usual and sleeping more restlessly than the norm.

“It breaks my heart hearing him cough,” Jaclyn has said several times in the last few days. And while I do feel bad for Miles, I also know that he needs to get exposed to every illness possible if he’s going to develop a rock-solid immune system.

It worked for Wolverine!

When we stopped by Miles’s daycare yesterday, we found that the situation there was borderline epidemic, with every child in the room oozing and coughing. Whether or not Miles was patient zero in this particular case, I felt a little comforted knowing that he was going through this trial in good company.

I don’t know how long this cold will last for the little man, but I hope it’s at least gone by next Thursday. I’d hate for Miles’s first Turkey Day to be marred in any way.

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