Day 165: Things to Do in Denver When You’re With Dad

Jaclyn came to Denver to work, leaving me and Miles to fend for ourselves most of the day. Unencumbered by the whims and desires of mommy, I decided this would be a great opportunity to introduce Miles to roughly 500 of my favorite things.

If this sounds like a pretty substantial undertaking for one day, don’t worry. Four hundred ninety-nine of these things could all be found in one place: Fifty-Two 80’s, a shop that is part antique store, part museum, and all exactly what the inside of my brain looked like circa 1986.

Miles can’t wait

The shop is a treasure trove of many of the most memorable toys of my youth, from Masters of the Universe, to GI Joe, to Star Wars.

As well as some toys I haven’t thought about at all since 1984.

I narrated our journey through the store, which basically amounted to me saying, “Look, Miles! It’s [’80s toy]! That’s what daddy played with when he was a kid!” while Miles blew raspberries. I can’t tell if he was excited or critiquing everything.

Uh…does he look excited?

After our visit to Fifty-Two 80’s, we took care of that one lingering favorite thing: BACON. And Denver has the perfect place to revel in its glory: The Bacon Social House. Unwilling to decide on just one type of bacon, I ordered the full bacon flight (!), which included six different types for Miles to gaze at longingly.

Miles was really eyeballing it. His mother may shy away from meat, but Miles…Miles is going to be all right.

Miles may not have teeth yet, nor can he speak, but I have no doubt that if he could do either of those things he would agree: our time in Denver has been well-spent so far!

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