Day 164: Baby’s First Flight!

About a week ago, Jaclyn became aware of a professional development opportunity in Denver, Colorado. “It’s in October!” she said. Sounded like a great chance for a family trip to me. Jaclyn soon offered one small correction. “It’s actually next week.”

Ample planning be damned; today we woke up at the crack of dawn and carted Miles off to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport to begin our first big adventure as a threesome, headed for the Mile High City. We’ve done a lot of traveling and visited a great many airports, but I still couldn’t help but feel a little nervous about Miles’s first flight. But wouldn’t you know it — turns out he’s a natural. His mother, on the other hand…just dumping milk everywhere.

Miles even brought reading material.

As with most things Miles, I ended up having very little to worry about. He slept for much of the flight, and the rest of your time was largely spent eagerly looking around, kicking his feet excitedly and “James Browning,” which is what I call it when he makes sounds like the first second of this song:

That doesn’t mean the flight was without incident. The first such misfortune came when Jaclyn accidentally sprayed milk on a handful of people. To be fair, the bottle cap had been loosened, probably by the change in altitude.

The second incident came right as the plane prepared to touch down in Denver, as Miles finally decided to drop a bomb that TSA never could’ve seen coming. Ignoring the demands of the flight attendants, Jaclyn rushed Miles to the bathroom the second the plane’s tires hit tarmac. Even over the roar of the wheels and wind resistance, I could make out the faint howling of Miles, coming from the bathroom far behind me.

All things considered, it’s hard to look at Miles’s first flight as anything less than a success. A good omen for new parents who are unwilling to let go of the travel bug!

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