Day 166

Maybe it’s the jet lag. Maybe it’s the time difference. Or maybe it’s the fact that, even considering these things, we’ve kept Miles out a bit late the last two nights. Whatever the root cause, Miles has slept for absolute crap since we got to Denver.

Both nights, around 11:00, Miles begins howling, and very little we’ve found will sate him for any length of time. The first night, it was a Kim Possible marathon on Disney XD. Last night, it was holding him while we stared at each other in a mirror. The problem, obviously, is that neither of these activities are reasonable long-term fixes to the problem.

We’re trying something different tonight, making an attempt to adhere to Miles’s normal, blessed routine as much as possible. I put him to bed at 7:30, and he hasn’t made a peep yet. Hopefully this will lead to a better night’s sleep for Miles AND mommy and daddy!

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