Day 161

Today, Jaclyn and Miles headed down to Rock Hill, SC to pick up a travel car seat from our friends Jacques and Madeline. As much as I would’ve liked to go with them, I’m still recovering from the last few days, so all I could do was say, “Drive safely,” and see them on their way.

Well the car broke down. Fortunately it didn’t happen in any life-threatening way, simply failing to start after Jaclyn had stopped for gas. Still, with the temperature being somewhere around 95 degrees, it was a bad day for car trouble one way or the other. Jacques and Madeline came to the rescue (as is often the case in such circumstances). Jacques’s sons Jack and Archer kept Miles occupied and relatively content, playing with him and comforting him when he got fussy. The whole ordeal lasted for most of the afternoon, but could’ve been a lot worse if not for the graciousness of friends!

Parenting throws a lot at you all by itself, but that doesn’t mean that all the usual crap life has been throwing at you in the preceding years suddenly stops. Instead, it just becomes more complicated now that you’ve got a small dependent in your life. The past week has provided more than enough reminders of this, and we definitely couldn’t have made it through without the support of friends and family!

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