Day 160

Miles had his first swim class today (and me, a man pushing forty who has still never formally learned how to swim). Jaclyn had a review (of the people, not the class itself):

Going to Miles’ first swim lessons was like being on a sitcom. There are the 2 gay dads with an adopted daughter, the spazzy/overly excited and annoying mom, and the paranoid parents. When the swim instructor announced we would sing “The Wheels on the Bus,” all the parents got excited like it was the best song ever. I was thinking, can we pick literally any other song?!? I guess this is what to expect going forward.


In other news, I was discharged from the hospital today after successfully eating a plate of eggs without ralphing (and I ate them while watching the 2015 version of Fantastic Four, and I STILL didn’t vomit).

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