Day 159

As you may have surmised from yesterday’s post, I’ve had a hell of a couple days. What started with some isolated vomiting earlier in the week had turned into persistent nausea, headaches, body aches…the works. I wasn’t sure what was causing my current health woes, but luckily the crack, House-esque team at Novant Healthcare was able to get to the root of the problem.

It turns out I’ve contracted the norovirus, which results in all of the above plus diarrhea (and to avoid keeping you in suspense, the diarrhea DEFINITELY showed up). The nurse said that the virus is typically transmitted through contact with people who haven’t washed their hands after going to the bathroom. “Has that happened to you?” she asked. The faces of the children i work with floated through my mind. “Wow…where do I even start?”

I’ve spent two days in the hospital now, with at least a third ahead of me. During that time, I’ve experienced various stages of lucidity, but through it all, the one thing I never stopped thinking about was my little boy.

As soon as I found out that I had contracted something communicable, I got worried for both Miles and Jaclyn. It was important to both of us that Miles was quarantined from us as quickly as possible. Fortunately, his Aunt Andrea and Uncle Scott immediately rushed to our aid, picking him up from daycare and giving the little guy a place to sleep for the night.

Clearly, he found the whole experience troubling.

Sure enough, Jaclyn hasn’t felt great since yesterday either. She kept herself relatively isolated at home, emerging only to buy supplies to heavily disinfect the apartment (“Should I just pour bleach on everything?” – ACTUAL CONVERSATION WITH MY WIFE).

Today was a much better one, with my blood pressure and heart rate returning to normal levels. I’m still not able to eat very much though, as I’m going easy on even my liquid diet (where’s the bourbon?? Does that count??). While it’ll still be a day or two before I can see Miles face-to-face, I at least got to video chat with him tonight (although he kept kicking Jaclyn’s hand).

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