Day 149

“Brian, your phone is vibrating.”

I was still very much asleep when I heard Jaclyn’s voice, although I started slowly coming around to consciousness as I picked up on the persistent buzzing of my phone. Why was the alarm set to silent? Only my half-awake, middle-of-the-night-stupor self could speak to that, but it did give me a little less incentive to jump out of bed and rush to silence the alarm.

I opened my eyes a little more slowly than usual but found that I was looking right at Miles, who had just finished feeding and was now lying against Jaclyn’s shoulder. As soon as he saw that my eyes were open, he started grinning. Granted, I’m virtually blind without my glasses, but I could definitely make out the dark crescent shape of his mouth and his narrowing eyes.

So I was kind of happy that my alarm wasn’t blasting. It gave me a moment to just linger there in bed, staring at this beautiful kid.

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