Day 148: Miles’s Top Five Summer Jams

Miles has only just started developing his awareness of the world, but something that’s been true since his earliest days is that he loves listening to music. From ’50s doo-wop to the Beatles to Will Smith, Miles gets a kick out of just about anything (although his enjoyment occasionally depends on whether or not a parent is lip-syncing along to the music). Some songs, of course, enjoy heavier rotation than others. These are the songs that have defined Miles’s summer.

5) “Surfin’ USA” – The Beach Boys

A tried-and-true classic, to be sure. Miles may not know what “surfin'” is yet, and many of the international locales mentioned in the song may be lost on him, but he knows what summer sounds like when he hears it.

4) “The Sound of Music” – Julie Andrews

One of Miles’s babysitters is Austrian, and she’s enjoyed introducing him to the German language as well as, apparently, American musicals that take place in Austria. Hey, whatever puts him to sleep at night.

3) “Breakfast Time” – Ernie and Cookie Monster

Miles listens to a lot of Sesame Street music, and while Alexa assures us she’s “shuffling songs by Sesame Street,” this one manages to pop up every single time. I watched Sesame Street as a kid and I know a lot of Sesame Street music, but I was completely unaware of this one until about four months ago. The song is simply a conversation between Ernie and Cookie Monster about their preferred breakfast foods, and you can probably imagine what pre-Obama Cookie Monster likes in the morning. But here’s the thing — it’s so much worse than what you’re expecting. Soft-boiled cookies, scrambled cookies, cookie juice?? Anything goes in this hellish nightmare realm. I don’t know how this song managed to stay off my radar for so long, but dear GOD it will turn you off of cookies forever.

2) “Itsy Bitsy Spider” – Lisa Loeb

I don’t know if you remember, but there was this show on VH1 or E! or something back in the early 2000s about how hard it was for Lisa Loeb to find a date and literally every episode was about this, but get this — she’s Lisa Freaking Loeb and in addition to being a pretty gifted musician she also has the added benefit of being mad attractive and to this day I just don’t get that show at all.

I don’t remember where I was going with this…

1) “Splish Splash” – Bobby Darin

Of all the songs on this list — nay, of all the songs we play in our home, regardless of who it’s for — one stands supreme above all others, and has enjoyed at least three months at the top of the chart.

Our Alexa history. I wish I could say there was a day…even an hour…between these listenings.

What started out as a post-bath theme song has gradually become so much more than that. The second he hears the “BLUB BLUB” sounds at the beginning of the song, Miles knows it’s time for fun and dancing. Dad, on the other hand, knows it’s time to leave the room or risk losing his mind.

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